Tuesday, March 18

Day 76

Finally I wake up Sunday morning without a huge pain in my tummy. Yes, so nice. We were up really early in order to get dressed, up the mountain and rent skiis and stuff. But the kids did well. We had prepared them for uncomfortable clothes, boots that are really weird to walk in and being hot, then freezing, etc. For 5 kids, I was pretty impressed. We sent them all to ski school, then Gary, David and Wynne took off for the slopes. I decided not to ski this time. I have bad knees and the doc specifically said no skiing. I might risk one day though. I brought several books and planned to just watch from the lodge.
Here's Lauren and Lindsey all dressed and ready to take off.
Lindsey, if you look closely you can tell she's frowning and about to cry. Once she saw me, she begged me to take her home. It was the hardest thing for me to send her back to school. but I knew that she after lunch they would start the fun stuff. She enjoyed it, just like I thought.
Logan is the one who is most frustrated. I hope he does better today.

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