Thursday, January 14


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Friday, January 8

Thursday, January 7

January 7 POTD

We live in Texas, so if there is a threat of ice, we cancel school. And that would be what happened today. There was a little bit of ice this morning but it's all clear now. Very cold, but clear! All morning we staid in our pj's and watched the Biggest Looser Dvr'd. (I cried). All 4 cats were snuggled on us. What a cute bunch they are!

Wednesday, January 6

January 6 POTD

Today I spent the day at the hospital with my Granny. She's been so sick for the last two months and we can't figure out why. She's always been in great health, and not much of a complainer, so this has been very puzzling. However, yesterday they seemed to have gotten her pain more under control and she was able to keep a little bit of food down. For 88 she's a tough ole gal! And I love her!

Tuesday, January 5

January 5 POTD

I worked on a little project today for Lindsey's room. This is the middle piece. Her initials. They are all cork boards and won't go on this wall. They will go on the opposite wall above her desk. Hopefully Daddy can get them hung tonite!

Yes, I skipped a day, I'm over it.

Sunday, January 3

January 3 POTD

I know this isn't very exciting or technically anything cool. But it's what I did today. It's such a pretty purple that she picked. I thought it was going to be a nightmare having the girls help, but they did great and knocked out the major part of the walls while we did the ceiling and cut ins. Now, I see why people paint. It looks so nice and fresh. Can I keep this up to do Logan's next weekend???

Saturday, January 2

January 2, POTD

Yeah, I kept my promise! Well I actually forgot until the kids asked me to take a photo of Allie can you beleive she climbed up the wall like that? So why is the bed laying against the wall? We've been needing to repaint Lindsy's room for a while now. Yes, she's 11 and has a blue sky and clouds on her ceiling. Pretty and cute for 6 but now on the verge of pre-teen years (ok, she's IN the pre-teen years!) She needs a little updating.

We are going with the light purple what do you think?

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