Tuesday, March 18

Day 75

So Friday after the field trip, we packed up the car and took off for Amarillo. As soon as we turned onto the street out of our neighborhood, Gary says "Okay what did we forget." We couldn't think of anything and happily kept driving. About 15 minutes later he says "Did you get my debit card?" Ooops. See at the very last minute I decided to swap purses for a smaller one. And yep, I left the debit card in the old purse. URG. He wasn't mad for too long though. So now we are off again. We all stopped for dinner somewhere outside of Wichita Falls (Braums, yum) Then I discover that not only did I leave the debit card in the other purse, I left lauren's medicine. Oh well she had taken almost 8 days of the 10 day course, I figured she would be okay. (more on this later) So now it's after a meal, time for me to drive. Unfortunately I start feeling awful. We stay the night in amarillo and I'm sick all night. Not fun. Saturday AM we are up bright and early to continue on. I feel terrible the whole time. But did manage to take a few pics.
Awww New Mexico, such a welcome sight.
But finally some colorado mountains. It's funny how cute the kids are, "Mom SNOW!!!!" Taylor and Megan hadn't seen mountains since they were babies, so it was huge for them.
Both shots taken from the car, Gary actually took the first one!
Once we arrive at the house, we find that our cousins have added a new friend to the house. I missed him actually going into the room and really freaking the kids out, but had to have them all pose.

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