Tuesday, March 18

Day 77

Yesterday, Monday, we woke up to snow. At the house here there is a ton of snow on the ground already, and on the mountain they have had record ammounts on the base. Lauren woke up with a pretty bad sore throat. Great, maybe those last days of medicine she really did need. So Gary and the kids, and all the Pools started up the mountain to ski for a while. We decided to put the kids in ski school for one more day. They made it about 3/4 of the way up the mountain and had to turn around. They said they couldn't see at all it was snowing so hard. By the time they got back to the house, Lauren was running fever and not feeling well at all. I was able to get the doctor to call in another perscription for her with the promise that we would call when we got back and go see someone if she doesn't get better by today. yeah, she's much better this morning!
This is outside of the master bedroom door. The snow was so soft and light it was beautiful!0317a
All the kids watch TV while the Daddy's cook breakfast, yes I love vacation!
Taylor and Lindsey in their "fort".
Lauren, Logan and Megan were on one side of the driveway, Lindsey and Taylor on the other. They had a blast throwing snowballs at each other.


Reds said...

Great shots!! Love the last three shots!! :)

cari said...

Glad everyone is feeling better! I saw that shot of the Colorado mountains and oh I just love it there!!! Wish I could go back!!! Great fun photos!

Yvonne said...

What great shots! Looks like everyone is having fun! So sorry to hear that you and one of the girls were sick. Loved your snow pictures!

Cindi Koceich said...

Poor Lauren. No fun to be sick on vacation! And Daddy's cooking breakfast??? What could be better?

Debbi said...

Looks like a very fun day in the snow!

Becky said...

How fun to catch up with you while you're on vacation. Sorry so much illness though. Enjoy yourself!

Margaret said...

Love it! Looks like a great time!

Angela2932 said...

Love the snowball fight in the last one! I hope everyone is healthy and well now.

Val said...

fun photos!

Lauren said...

That looks like some serious snow! I hope you all have a wonderful vacation and that your daughter feels better soon!

Jodi said...

oh that looks like so much fun! Throw some snow around for those of us in teh hot desert!

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