Friday, March 7

Day 67

And it's gone. No more snow, oh well it was fun while it lasted!

The kids had school off today not because of the snow but because two buses had a wreck yesterday in the snow and so they didn't have enough buses to run the routes. Isn't that funny? We started off our day at the doctor. Lauren has strep again. She may have to get her tonsils out soon. Lindsey played alone for a long time. This was really nice becuase they hardly ever play alone. They've always had each other being twins, so they don't do well on their own. Logan was going nuts so I finally took him to a cousins house to play. Lauren mostly staid in bed watching movies. Oh and I'm actually on these once this week. I CROPPED the second one. I just love her eyes.


Scrapper88 said...

Great catchlights!! I think we got your snow here in TN!! LOL

Jason said...

Great eyes! I am glad your kids had fun in the snow!

HLIP said...

REally good focus on that first shot & I especially like the last photo where they are both asleep in the same position.

Kristina said...

I'm sorry to hear you've got a sick girl! hope she gets better soon.

heather taylor photography said...

What cute pics!! I really like the catchlights and clarity in that first one, too!

cherie said...

oh sso sorry your little girls is sick. hope she is better soon.

Gypsy Girl said...

Nice shot of the eyes, great catchlights.

Val said...

Love those eyes in the first one. Nice job with the focus!

Kelly said...

Great focus on these and the catchlights are wonderful.

Mom2Aliyah said...

Awesome catchlights in that first shot!! Hope your little one with strep gets better soon.

Sharon said...

Fun pics!

Becky said...

I like those catchlights too. Hope DD's better!

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