Saturday, March 8

Day 68

Today was Logan's first Tball game of the season. He truly loves this sport. Well any sport really. As long as he's playing he's happy and focused. I cropped this photo too. Yeah Me! And then Because I feel weird just posting one picture I included another one I played with from the snow.


Michelle said...

he looks so excited to be out there on base! cute shot. i can't wait for the season to start here...going to probably be playing in the snow this year. :(

Bobbi said...

Thats awesome that he loves the sport! I really love what you did with that second photo.

Mandy said...

T-ball! Wow. I wish the weather was warm enough for that here now...or, better yet, I could at least SEE the baseball field which is still covered in ICE because they use it for a skating rink. LOL. He looks like he is having a blast. Its so great to capture kids doing something that they love and enjoy.

Becky said...

Baseball is my favorite. We're still preseason here, and it looks like the kids will be doing lots of indoor practice when it starts in a couple of weeks. Logan looks so cute out there!

Sharon said...

Yeah! He looks happy!

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