Thursday, March 6

Day 66

IT SNOWED!!!!!! I know for most of you this is no big deal. But let me tell you when you live in Texas, when it snows, it's awesome. I mean the school's freaked out at the first snowflake and closed early. We had about 3 inches at least. It was a really pretty, very hard long snowfall. Now remember we don't have snow clothes here. Although we are going skiing next week so I pulled out all their snow bibs to play in later. This was good practice for me also for when we go to colorado. I blew out some of these, but I loved their expressions so much.


HLIP said...

Wish I could send you some of our snow.... Kids always love snow though -

Love the braces.

Angela2932 said...

Well, your snow looks like pretty snow, unlike our old snow, which becomes snirt! Looks like a fun day!

Margaret said...

We've had plenty of snow here, but I remember living in Arizona..we got a few flakes once, and everyone freaked. Fun times in the snow for you guys. I love the happy expressions you captured!

Becky said...

wish we could get some snow here in south florida! just rain the last few days! love the fun in these shots!

Donnah C said...

I know how you feel about snow. It usually snows here a lot but this year we have had a few little flakes and that is it. I am not used to know so anything gets me excited. I just wish our school would close too.

Shanna Jones said...

Looks like the kids had a great time!

Jason said...

It is great to see the joy kids have for snow..... It looks like they had tons of fun. Nice shots.

Reds said...

We are so tired of snow here (and more on the way!) - but love your pics anyway!! ;)

Danielle said...

I love playing in the snow. Looks like you had so much fun. I have a hard time shooting in the snow and we got a ton of snow this year. I can never get it to look white. These look great.

cari said...

These are wonderful! Love them all...were in Colorado are you all going...I LOVE Colorado and wish I could live there!!!

Debbi said...

Looks like fun! How funny that some parts of the country get so excited about snow and some parts (like here in ND) are just plain sick of it and want it to GO AWAY! :) I also think it's funny to hear about school getting out early and cancelling. We NEVER close here - it's so frustrating! :)

pat said...

Love these, and seeing the fun they are having. I remember what a big deal snow was when we lived in Texas!

Becky said...

They look like they're loving it. Glad you're getting a chance to practice some snow shots. I would whine about you being happy about the snow, but I know I'd die in your summer temps so I'll just deal with my mountains of snow.

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