Monday, May 11

Where has this year gone?

So I did the workout every DAY last week!!! Can I get a "Good job!" I'm pretty impressed with myself. I'm actually starting to feel not so weak and I'm able to get through those jumping jacks much easier now. I might move to level 2 by the end of this week. So Mother's Day was yesterday. It's so hard for me to even think of it as a special day. I think only people who have lost their Mom's understand. I dont think of myself as a Mother. I think of myself as a motherless daughter.

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Bryan and Becky said...

I am sorry that Mother's day has been stolen from you because of your loss. It's supposed to be a day to let you know how great you are and yet you feel the exact opposite. I pray that even through the hurt and loss that you do know that you are a great, great mother!! (one of my favorites!!) :)

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