Friday, May 22


today was the day we have been looking forward to for so long!!! Little Lilly had her babies!! Here she was 2 weeks ago. I wish I had taken some recently. She was so wide!

Lilly was VERy affectionate this morning and I had a feeling something was up. About 7:20, she started having contractions. Thankfully today is field day at school, so we were cool with being late. Lauren was so concerned and loving to her.

Here's the first one! Lindsey named it Alvin.

Wow, Alvin, Simon and Theadore. We just thought that was it!

Here's baby 4, named Bugsy!

And baby 5! Yet to be named.

Pumpkin (step dad) meeting them for the first time.

Happy Momma!


RAE said...

Those are so adorable! Mom is a beauty too!

Nicki, said...

Fantastic captures - and to even capture the step-dad checking it out. Well Done!

Anonymous said...

adorable! Love the stepdad checking things out.

Bella Pop Photography said...

oh my gosh. baby kitties! how cute they are. too bad I have like a thousand cats already :)

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