Thursday, April 9


About 2:00 this afternoon I started smelling smoke. I went outside and the whole sky way brown and I could see flames and black smoke. Pretty scary. It turns out it had started on the road to the kids school about 3 miles West from me. Burned all the way to my neighborhood. Two houses have been damaged, i don't know how bad yet. They say as of now they have it contained. But these winds are awful and there are ashes flying everywhere. This first picture is from my front porch looking West. The sky is completely filled with smoke and you can see on the tree line white smoke. this is across the street you can see the valley just beyond our neighbors house. It's completely filled with smoke.

We have been very lucky and safe. Hopefully these will stay contained. But there are many other fires around here and surrounding areas burning.

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Amanda said...

Nicole, I got your comment and I have no doubt that it's absolutely painful for anyone with photography skills to visit my blog. :) I have a nice camera and I basically have no idea what I'm doing with it! I hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful weekend!

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