Wednesday, December 17

I've posted a few pictures of my Christmas tree here. But in honor of BooMama's Tour of Homes I wanted to share a few more things from around my house. I love garland, it's draped on my mantle, bookcase and above the TV. I have it on a timer and every evening at 5:15, it turns on, how fun!

This is the fresh wreath that my Dad and StepMom sent us. Love the smell!! ummmm. In the background you can see our advent calendar. It's such a sweet one with little characters from the birth of Jesus. The kids take turns each morning putting them on the manger.

On this bookshelf, I put all of the kids Christmas pictures from over the years. I love seeing how they have changed.

One of our greatest traditions is hanging all the pretty cards we get on the pantry door. The kids love running down to the mailbox and getting all the envelopes.

And here's my card! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!


Mom2Drew said...

I love the glimpse into your Christmasy home. That advent calendar looks very similar to the one I ordered this year.

Looks like you've got quite a nice collection of cards going.

Anonymous said...

These are great and so festive! I am so excited for Christmas this year! Love your card too!

Lauren said...

I love the little snapshots into your favorite things in your house. And i love that all the Christmas cards you've received have photos on fun!

pat said...

What fun decorating! I love the fresh wreath--I can just imagine how good it smells!

Becky said...

Yay, I love seeing people's decorations, and yours are very pretty. I love your card too!

Nessa said...

Love your card! I love garland too!

Sharon said...

I love seeing your traditions.

Kristina said...

What a fun record of your home this year! Great job :)

Michelle said...

What beautiful decorations you have. I especially love your mantel. So festive.

Reds said...

Beautiful decorations!! And I love your card!

Jess said...

I absolutely LOVE your holiday decorations! I wish I had been in the mood to decorate more this year... I did good to get the tree and stockings up! *sigh*

Margaret said...

Love your decorating! So festive. Your Christmas card is beautiful!

Meaghan said...

You're decorations are great!

Mandy said...

Oh wow...your house is so warm and beautiful this holiday season.I can almost see myself sipping some hot chocolate right in front of your mantel. :) Its such a great idea to display the 'Christmas's past' photos. Its like a visual evolution of you guys as a family, and I am sure its special for the kids to see too. Great CARD!

Angela2932 said...

Your decorations have such a warm, homey, feeling and your card is beautiful!

Kristi said...

Ooooooh...I LOVE your Christmas card!! That polka dot ribbon is TOO cute!!

And to answer your question, no, my kitchen does NOT have that much light at 7:00 at night :( I used my external flash (580exII) and bounced it off the ceiling angled slightly behind me. Some shots I flipped my camera and forgot to flip my flash so the lighting is a bit different. I never learned to operate with the controls on the flash itself, I just shoot manual and use the flash compensation controls on the camera itself to control it! I seriously couldn't live without that thing!!

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