Wednesday, December 3

Christmas tree

Just a few of my Christmas decorations! Can you find Lauren and Lindsey?

Our Christmas tree has changed a little this year. Normally I have several 100 (jk) homemade ornaments and ones that others have given us. It was just getting too overwhelming on the tree. So we simplified this year and put red ornaments and then our special ones. Each child has an ornament and one for our pets we lost. Then there are 17 angels on the tree. Each one I got at Christmas since my Mom has been gone. Each one takes me about 2 weeks to find and each one is special from that year.


Cari said...

These photos are great! I can not wait to get our tree. I hate it though because there is not a good spot in the house to put it. I love that your ornaments have special meaning!

Reds said...

What a sweet tradition! To buy an angel every year to remember your mother!! Beautiful tree!

pat said...

Love the angel tradition---what a neat thing to do. HOW did you do that second shot? Did you move the camera in a circle as you shot? VERY cool!!

Sharon said...

Touching post. Cool captures!

Mandy said...

That is so amazing. Thank you for sharing your tradition with us. Your tree is gorgeous!

Gypsy Girl said...

Beautiful tree and colors. How did you get that second shot cool. My tree is full of said "homemade ornaments" and we give each kid a new ornament each christmas so lets just say there is no room on my tree. One day I vow to put up a pretty tree with no kid things (keep dreaming right)

Becky said...

I love your angel tradition! I have accumulated so many ornaments in my 18 years of marriage along with the special ones from DH's and my childhoods--my tree is so full, but they're all special to me. I might have to do two trees soon. :-D
How did you do that second photo?

Amy said...

Your tree looks very pretty and I see the girls in the first ornament! That second shot is so cool, how'd you do that?

Amy said...
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