Thursday, September 11

day 219

My cousin Brooke, Blake and Garretts Mom, (click here) had her baby yesterday. Meet baby Cole. I'm so in love already!!!

Within 5 minutes of being born he was already sucking his thumb.

This is my Granny. She's 87 and an amazing woman. She has 4 kids and 7 grandchildren. But so far her greatest accomplishment, according to her, is her 10 great grandkids. What's so amazing about that, well only two of them ARE NOT twins!!! Yep, 3 of my cousins also have twins. Pretty cool huh?

This is my Aunt Verety, Brooke's Mom. She's my Mom's sister and reminds me so much of her.


Reds said...

What a sweet baby!! Congrats to the new parents!!

Margaret said...

Absolute sweetness! Love that first shot!

Becky said...

How nice to see all the generations here!

Jess said...

Oh wow... he is beautiful! I love all the shots of him with his grandmas- those are so priceless!

Kristina said...

How special to have your granny around still! So fun.

Cindi Koceich said...

Awww...what a precious baby and what a sweet, sweet family! Wow...four sets of twins!!

A ** :) said...

What a sweetie, how cute that he was sucking his thumb so soon after birth! Amy :)

p.s. The cutie in my post is my niece, Rory. She has her "Bu" which is her lovie, she hauls it everywhere.

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