Wednesday, September 10

Day 218

Remember the Flintstones?


Becky said...

Now there's a vehicle! I love the light and shadows.

Emily Weaver Brown said...

Ha! I loved the flintstones!
I love the backlighting on this.

Jess said...

ROFL! I can hear the sound in my head that they used to have on the show as Fred drove! Canon is so cute... LOVE the backlighting here!

Reds said...

LOL!!! Love it!!

Mom2Drew said...

What a perfectly wonderful moment and I'm glad you didn't write a lot-just seems to fit that image.

PS...not that I don't like you writing of course;)

Gypsy Girl said...

Cute. Esp. in b/w. BTW the lens I use for football is my 80-400mm kind of heavy but gets close.

Joanne said...

Cute! Love the lighting on this and the B&W.

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