Thursday, August 7

Day 198

The party was a huge success. I think every one had a great time and is exhausted today. I know Nana is! LOL.

And for once this week I wanted to be on theme. Here's Canon at bath time. I like the way the water looks like it's moving int he Bnw.


pat said...

I like the BW version of Mr. Chubbiness. He is soooo cute! Looks like the birthday girls had a lot of fun with their friends.

Cari said...

Glad it was a great party...I LOVE that last shot...what a cutie!

Jess said...

I'm so glad the party went off without a hitch! I bet Nana needs a nice long vacation after that, LOL! Canon is the CUTEST thing... he looks so HAPPY to be in the water!

Amy said...

Look how adorable! Glad the girls had fun!

Angela~Kclmomof4 said...

Yay for the party! How sweet that photo is of Canon!

Lori said...

Aawwww...! I went back and read the last couple of days and looked at the pictures of your girls - So Sweet!!! Time flies, doesn't it? My baby girl is 11, and such a little lady, so I can understand why you're feeling nostalgic!

Becky said...

Glad the party went well! What a great MIL you have.

Mom2Aliyah said...

Oh, girl parties are SOOO much fun!! I miss those days.

LOVE those bath photos! Great example of color vs b&w. He so cute and such a chubster ;)

Shanna Jones said...

Too cute!

Amanda said...

Yeah! I am so happy that everyone had a good time. I totally think that picture of all of the girls together will be truly treasured for all of their years as friends.

The b/w conversion of little Canon in the tub is too too cute!


Margaret said...

Looks like a fun party! I love the BW version of Canon. Adorable chubby face!

Angela2932 said...

That first photo is fantastic! What a sweet group photo! And of course I love the last two as well; such a cutie!

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