Monday, July 21

I know, I know, I haven't updated in a while. Sorry family. For those that don't know, my computer crashed. After curling into a little ball and humming nonsense, I realized THERE IS NOTHING I CAN do about what I lost! Okay talking myself down again. I did go by a 500 GB external harddrive and I've already backed everything up. It will automatically back up now every week. BIG wake up call Nicole. So I should be back to the POTD today. For now, here's something to tide you over. Yes, my baby left today for sleep away camp. OMGoodness what was I thinking! He's going with his cousin Cole and some of their best buds and yes that's my future son in law on the right!!!! Please pray that this works out okay. Oh yeah, the Dad's are also going. Staying in a hotel. Playing golf. Wait didn't he tell me he was ONLy going to help Logan????

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