Wednesday, July 16

Day 183

My "official" post of the day is this beautiful sunrise shot.   But it was taken by my DH.     So ya'll need to give him some HHCC.

Today the kids got their reward of getting to go to The Incredible Pizza party, wow what a place.   they had a ball though.

We are so addicted to QT, they have the best drinks!   So we had to stop on the way home and get a snack.

check out this storm I was driving into.   


Cari said...

Wow that storm shot is crazy...looks like you all had a great fun day!

pat said...

Love the colors in that sky!! Also like the fact that he caught those rays coming out of the clouds. Very nice.

Sara said...

What's a QT?
The rays from DH's sunrise photo are inspiring...

And Holy Moly, that's one heck of a storm coming. I think I'd stop and watch instead of drive through.

Mom2Drew said...

First of all...way to go husband. That's an impressive shot!

Nicole, I've been really enjoying watching your progression. Your candid moments are really taking shape. Are you loving your new camera?

Reds said...

Your husband did great on the sunset!!

Jess said...

Your hubby took a fantastic shot! I'm impressed that the horizon is straight, lol, my hubby still hasn't got that down yet. ;) The colors are wonderful.

What a fun day at the pizza place- that looks like a great place to go for them to run off that energy, lol! And holy WOW that storm looks scary! Those clouds coming down to the ground would be enough for me to take cover... I hope it wasn't a tornado...

Debbi said...

The sunset is beautiful - colors and light ar eamazing. That storm is crazy!

Amanda said...

Holy crap is that RAIN! That is stunning. The first shot and gorgeous too. I love the soft colors.

Bobbi said...

That storm is crazy! I think your husband did a great job, no cc from me:)

Angela2932 said...

Your husband caught beautiful colors! And that is quite a storm!!!!!!

Amy said...

Beautiful shot by your DH, he did great! And wow, that is one amazing storm, I think I'd be making a u-turn and going the opposite direction as that looks like a Wizard of Oz type storm! :)

Becky said...


Sharon said...

I love seeing storms in the south.

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