Tuesday, June 17

Day 165

I was trying to stay on theme today.   windows, got me thinking of what I see when I look out the window and it's this flower currently.   have no clue as to what it is, but I love how pretty it is in the evening when it's opening.

The kids were playing school at the table BY the window, so I played with the lighting coming in.  This is of Grayson.

thank you for those who looked at my site.   I made the flash page image smaller.   My monitor setting was higher and I didn't take that into consideration.    I'm excited about it.   I know it's still a work in progress as I hope to be able to change the pics out soon.   Yes, I designed the gallery images.   On the gallery page. I wanted something that had the titles on the side. I did it all in PSE.

Also a clarification, most of you thought the pics I posted on Father's day were of my kids.  Not mine, my neice and nephews.   Those are the kids I watch every day so you will see alot of them, like the one above.   thanks for all the comments, they really give me boosts.  Plus I feel like I'm "speaking" to adults actually.    I'm surrounded by 6 kids most days!   Love it though.


Sharon said...

What a cool flower! Love the natural light on your dd.

Mom2Drew said...

Window light is so flattering, love that second shot.

Krista P said...

Outstanding shots! Love the layout.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics!

Angela2932 said...

I love the lighting of the shot by the window! I don't know what the flower is, but doesn't it look like a little pinwheel?

Becky said...

That flower is so pretty; it looks like a pinwheel! Great color too.

Kristen Wagner Penn said...

Very pretty! I love the way you designed your gallery images! Wanna' do mine, lol?!

pat said...

Love that flower with the overlapped, ruffled petal edges. Really pretty. Your window shot is beautiful; wonderful light!!!

Amy said...

What a pretty flower! It reminds me of those things you blow and they spin, can't think of the name. :)

Bobbi said...

I just love that name Grayson, so pretty. That window light rocks! I went and checked out your site and it is looking great!!!

Debbi said...

Love that window light! These are great - and you sure have been busy with your site!

Sharon said...

Love the light through the window, very pretty. And the flower is beautiful.

Sandra Collins said...

that flower is gorgeous!!

jewels said...

That flower totally jumps from the page, it almost looks 3D! So neat! :) I love the polaroid l/o too. That is a neat photo, I like how the pink stands out! Thanks for posting for me too! I really appreciate it!


Amanda said...

That flower is so vibrant. I cannot get over the great, fantastic color.

Michelle said...

your lighting in the second one is so awesome. and your flower makes me think of a windmill. very nice shots.

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