Tuesday, June 3

Day 151

I'm keeping my nieces and nephews today. Out of 6 kids only one was willing to pose for me, oh well. I had literally 3 minutes outside with them while they ate their popsicles. The sun was shinning straight down and I found it interesting how much of a difference using the flash was. Here's G. These are SOOC. First without flash and second with.


Scrapper88 said...

Oh wow, flash def makes a difference here. I need to do one of these shots this week! Execellent example.

jewels said...

That flash makes the world of difference. It is natural, and it takes the edge off the shadows, and adds catchlights! :) Very fun!


Amy said...

Oh, it does help, doesn't it? Love the kid/popsicle line-up. Great "summer" shot!

Chell said...

Oh she is adorable. Popsicles.... Yummy

Margaret said...

Love the last shot of all the kids with the popsicles. It's amazing on those first two what a difference the flash makes!

Amy said...

She's a beauty! You're right, the flash does make a huge difference! And love that last shot, she was even willing to pose during it. :)

Mom2Drew said...

Flash can certainly make a difference, good example here. Those popcicles look yummy!

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