Monday, June 2

Day 150`

I managed to get a baby swallow taking it's first flight! The swallows have always come back every year and nested on these mud homes they created. This "litter" produced 3 little ones. Two of the babies had flown the coup and this one jumped out of the nest and had to be coaxed by his parents to come on out. Oh and I'm on theme, I used a flash on these, LOL!


Becky said...

How cool! You're the bird family scrapbooker. :-D Nice job getting them sharp in flight! I wish I had swallows in my yard.

Reds said...

Beautiful shots!

Chell said...

Oh wow what fun shots. What a neat thing to be able to capture

Michelle said...

how cool to be able to catch that first flight!

Cindi Koceich said...

That is sooooo cool that you were able to witness and capture that!! I've never seen a bird take it's first flight (until now)!

And to answer your question on my blog...they were taken in the kitchen of the hostess of my Portrait Party. All natural light.

Joanne said...

How cool catching him in flight! Nice job!

Margaret said...

That is so great that you captured this! I love it!

Mom2Drew said...

Oh wow...what a capture. Times like this I love being into photography.

lcp said...

How wonderful that you were able to observe and capture this! We have about 4 nests around our house right now (and every year)but I've never been witness to the birds learning to fly.

pat said...

What a fun series of shots! Love it.

Jess said...

That is so amazing! It looks like the mommy (or daddy?) bird is showing the little one how to fly, then the little one is trying it himself! Awesome!

Bobbi said...

Swallows are so pretty! I really love these captures, great job!

Scrapper88 said...

Great shots. Such a neat capture.

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