Friday, April 18

Day 108

Here are some of the aftermath pictures around my house. The poor roses didn't do so well.

Logan's class had baby chicks hatch in their room. They are so cute. Still a little freaked out by all the noise, but so soft and fluffly. I hope to get better pics on Monday.


Cindi Koceich said...

Oh, your poor roses!! I bet they smell so good still though!!!
We just had damage to our fence, but we had a couple inches or so of hail. It was crazy!!!

I wish I could meet you to shoot in the bluebonnets tomorrow, but I'm swamped. I actually wanted to go to Ennis tomorrow but I have no time!! :( Have fun!!

Jess said...

OH NO your POOR roses!!!! How SAD!!!

The chicks are cute though. What will they do with them later? Will they go to a local farm? That's what my ds's class chicks did once they were done with them in the classroom. :)

Anonymous said...

awww to bad about your roses. The chicks are cute. Do you get to care for them over the weekend?

April said...

oh your poor flowers. i'm glad that you guys are ok after that storm. good grief. that picture of the chicks is so darn cute. i love it!

Scrapper88 said...

poor rose bush! Glad you didnt get much more damage. I bet those little chicks are too cute!

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