Friday, April 18


What a storm!!! Phew, luckily we didn't get much damage.


Anonymous said...
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Chell said...

aww poor roses. I am sorry..

pat said...

NASTY!! Can't believe that's hail--no wonder your poor roses were so beaten. Glad everything is ok, though. Those storms down there can be really frightening.

Becky said...

Wow, I'm glad you didn't have more damage. Except that poor rose bush! I hate when storms wipe out pretty flowers and leaves. Love those cute little chicks too. Real Peeps!

Bobbi said...

I hate storms they scare me! Glad there wwasn't more damage than this for you...and those baby chicks are too cute.

Suzy said...

Oh no your poor roses! I'm glad there was not more damage - looks pretty scary to me to!

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