Friday, March 28

Day 88

funny little thing from yesterday. Logan is big enough to take a bath by himself now. I still go in and check that he's clean and smelling good. But last night, i was peaing and kept hearing him say "Mom, are you going to come in here?" That was kinda a new question. Normally it's like "Mom come check me!" so I finally went in there and it looked like a confetti egg exploded in the tub.

So I looked at Logan and said What happened!!! He apparently decided to bring a deflated helium balloon into the bath with him and it flaked off all the design all over the tub. He thought it was permanent! Oh it was so funny.


Reds said...

Ahhhh - that first photo is too sad!! Poor kid!! He really thought he had messed up the bathroom!! And you were right there with your camera!! :)

Michelle said...

aww, poor little guy. so sweet that he was so concerned.

Becky said...

Oh he's breaking my heart he looks so upset! I thought you were going to say that was all the dirt that came off him. Our tub would look like that after sandbox playing.
Hey, that's the first time I've ever seen framed photos on a bathtub!

Sharon said...

Oh poor kid.

Gypsy Girl said...

And of course you had to grab your camera. Poor little guy.

Mom2Drew said...

BLESS his heart! Oh, this just tugs at my mommy strings, so precious. You can feel the concern on his face, awe...

Toni said...

He looks really scared, poor boy. I would have laughed so hard if it were! Too funny.

Danielle said...

oh he looks so sad in that last picture. How funny.

Chell said...

Aww thats a great story. Too funny.

Mandy said...

Oh man! Poor guy. He must have been so worried to cry like that. My girls look at me the same way when the get stuff on the carpet. (Well..they should be worried...its white!) haha!

cari said...

that is so funny! I love the expression you caught! Oh that makes me laugh!

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