Friday, January 11

Day 11

In Logan's kindergarten class, if you can tie your shoes yourself 3x in a row, you make the list. This is a special list because they can take their shoes off during reading time. Logan has been trying for a couple months now. Just as always whenever he learns something, he fights and fights me about even trying. Then one day he does it perfectly. We were so proud of him we decided to go get ice cream tonight! Wahoo!
The first two are shot in auto (hey we were in the car!) The last one i decided to do an aperatue training, I wanted to focus on his shoes with his face blurry. Of course that's the shot where he's perfectly smiling, oh well!


Mandy said...

Congrats Logan! Great way to capture the momment mom!

Sharon said...

Congrats Logan! Way to tie!!

cari said...

Yeah!!!! Good for him!

pat said...

What a landmark day! Good for you for getting it caught for him. And, you really have a cute little family. Kudos on having the Friday Family Fun nights--SO important to build that foundation.

Kristi said...

Aww...way to go Logan!!! Give him a big high five for me! And GREAT capture of the moment!

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