Friday, January 11

Day 11 part two

Friday night has always been family date night. When the girls were little in carriers, we looked forward to fridays because Daddy was finally home for 2 full days! So we would celebrate and go out to eat. For years we went to the same restaurant in Fort worth and everyone knew us. There was a set of twin waitresses who always wanted our table. We kept up with each other until they graduated from high school and moved on. the restaurant closed but we kept up our friday night dates. Its' something we all look forward to. Mostly we just go eat, maybe run a quick errand. sometimes we come home and snuggle to watch someting on Tvio with the kids. or sometimes we play games. tonight is the 17th anniversary of my Mom's death. She never knew my husband and she would have loved him. I miss her. But I'm so thankful for my family I married into. I am very blessed. I love my family.


Margaret said...

Loved reading your wonderful sentiments about your family. You have a wonderful Friday night tradition.

I'm sure you must miss your mom. My mom died almost 4 years ago, and I still miss her so much. Hugs to you!

cherie said...

sorry it was such a hrd time but so glad that you have sucha close family that can help with the pain of your loss!

my photography journey said...

seems like yuou have a Wonderful family. It is great to keep traditons. I am sure today had to be hard for you. HUGS

Tomboymama said...

Aw, that is so neat about your date nights. Those kind of anniversaries are really hard. Glad you have a great hubby to be there for you.

Mandy said...

That is wonderful about date nights. I know the passing of a loved one can always be hard. Especially our mom's and dad's...

Big hugs sweetie, and take solace in knowing that she would have loved your hubby dearly.

Becky said...

What a great tradition and story. Glad your family eased the pain of the anniversary for you. And congrats to Logan for making the list.

Marilyn said...

Not looking forward to the first anniversary of my Mom's death in I feel your pain and just wanted to reach out with a {{HUG}} for you.

amazing grace said...

what precious journaling! such a blessing to love your family so much :)

Debbi said...

We also have "eat out night" in the middle of the week - just to be sure to spend some time together in the middle of the craziness! Great picture to remember it all by!

pakosta said...

awesome details about your sweet famILY!
and i love the shoe tying shots toO!

Kristi said...

That's the sweetest thing I've ever read. Family date nights are my FAVORITE!!!

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