Monday, November 19


My little baby is turning 6 this week! 6 is so much closer to double digits. they are all growing up too fast! Logan chose to have 2 buddies spend the night friday, then a family party on Saturday. He had Blake and Garrett. I took the boys to chuck e cheese. They had a blast.

Logan is such a great kid. He is very busy and always moving. he is currently obsessed with Star Wars. he loves to play Lego Star Wars on the xbox. Nana got him the complete saga and now he's on a mission to finish all the levels. I wonder where he gets that drive to finish! I am so proud of him and how he is doing in kindergarten. He amazes me with how quick he is learning. He is able to spell words with a little help. he's proud of his reading and how he knows all his letters now. considering at the beginning of the year he barely knew 1/4 of the letters let alone that they made sounds. Now he is repeating letters and sounds all the time. He notices signs and what they say and how they are spelled. He told me this morning that Hairspray was bad for the environment. Funny the things that he picks up. He is learning songs in music and sings them all the time with a surprisinly good voice.

He also loves God and I catch him singing songs or praying. Or he will say cute little things about God and Jesus.

Logan one day you will turn into a man. I can only hope that you will be gracious, respectful, strong, loving and humble.

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