Tuesday, October 16


Today was the day. I was so hoping that we didn't have to make the decision, but we did. We put Tigger to sleep today. He had stopped eating on Friday and could barely drink water. Every time he got up he wobbled on his legs and went a few steps before laying down again. I felt like it was the time before he got really worse. We spent the day together. He staid in my room while I took a shower and got ready. He slept in our sinks. Eventually I took him outside one last time to listen to the birds. Then I pulled a chair to the window and opened it for him. Pumpkin got on the window sill next to him. I took seveal pictures, but I wanted to include one today that was more him.

Gary came home around 1:15 and together we took him to the vets. I couldn't go in, so Gary did it. He said that Teresa (our favorite) took him and she was sad for us. She said she would hold him. One day I truly believe that he will be waiting for me in heaven. He was a great cat.

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