Monday, February 6

Caleb said hi!

Today Lindsey pulled me aside and told me that Caleb had waved to her. She really likes this kid and we had told her that they couldn't be "boyfriend/girlfriend". so at the beginning of this year, she told him that she wanted to break up. Caleb wouldn't look at her after that. This past Saturday at the game, Jacy told me that Caleb was worried that Lindsey didn't like him anymore. So I told Lindsey that she needed to be friends with everyone. She needed to smile, talk to and care about everyone. So she went and talked to him at the game. Just asked him if he was okay (he had gotten poked in the eye). So today apparently, when Lindsey walked into Lauren's class, Caleb saw her and waved. It really made Lindseys day!

When we talked about it after wards, she said that she gets embarassed around him. I told her that they are friends and it's okay if she thinks he's cute, it's okay if they are better friends then other boys. I think she has decided that she can talk to him again. I can just imagine how she will be in junior high!

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