Thursday, January 12

January 12, 2006

I am finally starting this journaling thing. I want to be able to remember the days when the kids are bigger.
Yesterday was 15 years since my Mom went to Heaven. It was an okay day, I was bummed that Gary didn't remember. But Vickie, Misti and Vicki remembered. That is nice to know. The kids and I went to Grannys and swam, then to McDonalds. I know that Granny treasures that time.

I hope one day to be scrapbooking more and I want to remember cute, funny and not so funny things that they kids do day to day. So I will start with:
Logan: "I d'got" I forgot
dinkDonalds McDonalds
He is so sweet and curteous. He remembers his manners, is always willing to give me kisses and hugs and adores his sisters. He loves to play. He always wants another boy to come over. Blake, Ben, Christian. Anyone to play "bad guys" or dinosaurs with.
Lindsey: so Silly and free spirited. She is teaching me that it's okay to let loose, it's a hard lesson to learn. I'm too stright laced for her. She is so particular about her hair and what she's wearing, it's already starting. She's cuddly and will climb into anyones lap. I was schocked in Santa Fe watching her with my Dad. She loves to be touching you. She needs that personal connection. She's struggling in school. She's very attentative and concentrates hard. But she can't seem to remember day to day her skills. Or she can't communicate what she heard into what the lesson is on paper. We are working with her and she wants to do better, bless her heart.
Lauren: In charge, wanting to be everyone's Mom. She is more then willing to do things for others and show them how to do things. But don't try to tell her you want to do it a different way. Her way or the high way usually. She's doing much better in the mornings. She's not aloud to ask me waht I will be doing or talk about when I will pick her up. This helps her to focus on it as much.

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