Friday, January 1

January 1, POTD

So today is the first day of 2010. It sounds so weird to say, you know? Twenty-Ten, Two thousand-ten. Humm. I have expectations for myself in 2010. I vow to be better at blogging. Now that facebook has come around blogging has lost the appeal. But I would like to continue my POTD. When I look back over the past two years of POTD, I see how much I have grown and learned. So I see the benefit of continuing to post. However, being this first day of the year and I haven't picked up anything other then my head and the computer for the last 10 hours. I have had a migraine all day and I can't even say I have New years Eve to blame for it. So please forgive me, and lets move on. I'll post two tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I am feeling the same as you! Today I was going to redesign my blog so that I could do POTD again! Can't wait to see your pictures!

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