Friday, June 12

3 Weeks

Can i just tell you how much we love these kittens! They all have different personalities and are so fun. Mama is doing the best job. Can you imagine, 5 babies at once!!! At least it's only for 6 weeks. The girls decided to do the 3 week photo shoot today. Lauren shot the photos while Grayson and Lindsey reigned them in. She didn't do that bad. I set the camera on auto though. but her composition was fairly decent on most of them. I thought this shot was cute of "bugsy". She's the one we will probably keep. such a love.

They all gained at least 2 ounces with Hampsty gaining the most at 3.5 ounces. pretty good.
Here's theodore. He reminds me of my childhood cat, Graysilk.

the girls were trying to get all the cats together. Pumpkin wouldn't cooperate at all. And Lilly wasn't too thrilled either. Poor babies.

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