Tuesday, March 10

It's been a while

Yes, I know. I've just kinda gotten off, but I hope to be better!
We all just finished basketball season. Logan's team was undefeated, mostly due to Logan scoring at least half the teams points in every game. I'm really proud of him, not because he scored but because he really played well. He followed the rules, passed and was a great defender.
That's Logan in the yellow.

The girls moved up to a regulation size goal with 4th and 5th graders. Lauren was the tallest on her team. Every team they played had at least 2 players who were about a foot taller than her. Not exactly fair when they can reach over you and grab the ball. But we fought hard every game. I've never been so satisfied with a losing season in any sport. They played their hearts out. The girls were really starting to work well together, passing and blocking for each other. Lindsey made 4 baskets throughout the year, this was a huge feat for her! She is a great defender and won't let that girls around her for anything!

Lindsey num. 10, blocking

Lauren bringing it in.

Lindsey got straight A's on her report card for the first time ever. She worked so hard this 6 weeks and it paid off. Her glasses have seemed to make a huge improvement in her reading and tracking. Logan continues to improve in reading and is doing awesome in Math. He's just right on track. Lauren, fortunately has it easy. She isn't as passionate about working hard as her sister is. but has managed to pull off mostly A's with a couple of high B's.

Softball/Baseball has started and we are in full swing. Gary is coaching the girls again. Plus Lauren is playing on a select traveling team when she is able. She is pitching for both teams, and learning how to be catcher. When she's off, she plays short or third. Lindsey backs up first or third because she's so quick to the ball! Logan has a great coach and we hope that his team does well this year. He's in a coach pitch league this year, but is already looking forward two years until he can be a pitcher. Gary wants to put him in lessons next year. Something about a left hander pitcher being gold?

They really are great kids, and absolutely love being active. Hopefully it will keep them out of trouble when the teen years hit!


Anonymous said...

So good to see a post from you. I have been REALLY bad about updating too. I haven't been doing potd at all and don't think I will...I just don't have time! Great shots and glad to hear all is well! P.S. I LOVE your bag in the post below. I bookmarked her site...when I get rich I am going to get one!

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe how the kids are growing, Nicole! Logan looks so tall in that picture.

It's great that they're all doing so well academically and athletically. Must be some good parents in that house somewhere! :)

Y'all keep up the good work!

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