Tuesday, January 20

So I have gotten serious about loosing some weight. I'm counting calories and fat grams and do my wii fit. It's fun! The first week has past and I've lost 6 lbs!!! Wahoo! Now to keep going. Anyone want to join me in this venture?


Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! Like I said on my blog...If I can lose 20 pounds...anyone can!!!

Tiffany said...

I need to join you :) Good work!

Anonymous said...

I have loved our Wii Fit since we got it last May. You need to get the Outdoor Adventure game as well for some cardio games.

Oh, and I saw Gary's picture in the little weekly paper we get for Lightfoot Mechanical winning the 'best heat and air' business award. Yay Lightfoot's! I'm sure we'll be seeing a pic of you for best photography in the future as well. :)

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