Thursday, November 13

These three ladies were waiting for us this morning. I know this technically isn't the best, but I just grabbed my camera and started shooting.
I wanted to share these. I thought they were so funny!


Reds said...

Wish I could see that in my backyard!! You are so lucky!!! And love your storyboard - so sweet! :)

Mandy said...

I wish I had wild life in my backyard like that. I love the expressions of the kids too. That is just great

Anita said...

WOW! What a cool capture. Great out take photos of the kids too!!

Chell said...

LOL I love the outtakes of the kids. Great capture ont he first one!!

pat said...

Love the shot of the kids! So cute and SO typical!!!

Sharon said...

Cool deer! Love the storyboard!

Amy said...

Cute shots!

Amy ~ Just Being Aimlyss said...

What an awesome sight, I love how they're posing for you! Cute kids, those are really nice storyboards! :)

Jess said...

Those deer are gorgeous! It looks like they are posing for you!

LOVE the storyboard- the way the series of shots progresses into silliness is just too good for words!

Bobbi said...

What a beautiful scene. I love that storyboard, what a great brother/sister relationship.

Angela2932 said...

Great series of photos! I love the belly rub!

Cindi Koceich said...

Very cool that you captured two of them together! Love that!
Love the kids ticking shots too!! That would make a cute storyboard!

Tori said...

What fun out takes! They look like they were having a good time.

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