Saturday, November 29


Thanksgiving was a beautiful day and all the Lightfoots got to spend it together. Nana and Grankie cooked an awesome meal and I managed to througly stuff myself. I got a little emotional and I'm so thankful for my brother and sister in laws. I really don't know what I would do without you guys. Thanks for loving me!

Nana and Grankie with the grandaughters making bisquits. Oh they were so good!

The Jonas Brothers were performing during halftime of the Cowboy game. Can you hear the squealing???


Kim said...

Love the picture with just the hands making the biscuits. Too cool!!

Reds said...

Looks like perfect thanksgiving!! Family and good food!!

Sharon said...

So you are Jonas Brothers fan? ;)

pat said...

My DH kept asking WHO the Jonas Brothers were...I told him he was waaaaay out of touch!

Nessa said...

That biscuit photo looks awesome!

Kristen Wagner Penn said...

I love the picture of all the hands covered in flour! What great memories!

Angela2932 said...

Wonderful shot with all the hands! That's a brave project!

Lou said...

Love the biscuit shot. Making memories...

Mandy said... your comment about the Jonas brothers. My DD is 5 and she is already into them. I really think the pics you got of everyone cooking together are so special. TFS!

Jess said...

What a great day, I love that your girls get to have the experience of cooking with the grands- that is one of my favorite memories from when I was growing up. And yes, I can hear the squeals for the Jonas Bros! Too funny!

KRISTIE said...

that is great that they are learning to make biscuits from granma! what a neat tradition

Bobbi said...

Oh I want some homemade biscuits now! I am glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Becky said...

Glad you had such a great day! You look so happy surrounded by your family. :-)

Tiffany said...

This was a great day! We love you too, and are blessed to have you as part of the family :)

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