Monday, November 24

Oh my goodness I am so behind on blogging! I have many clients for previews, but for now, I have to post a little personal. My youngest turned 7 today. He's such a great kid, I just can't believe he's mine! He's kind and smart adn very athletic. He's helpful and polite and everyone's friend. He made "QT" kid again this 6 weeks, one of a handful of kids who made it for both 6 weeks. I'm so proud of him I could never say enough. He's my miracle child, my son, my Logan.

I just had to share this cake my friend Shelley made for me. Isn't it awesome! Can you tell what teams are my son's favorites?

These were from a few days ago, just having fun outside!

Lindsey and Grayson did a masterpiece in the driveway, they were devestated when Canon just ran right through it! LOL Speaking of Canon, his birthday was this last week, I'll post some from that soon!


Becky said...

Happy Birthday to Logan! He looks like a born leader in that second picture. That's a great photo of the two of you together too.

Jess said...

Aww! Happy birtday Logan! He looks like such a sweet kid, and that cake is FABULOUS. The chalked up driveway is amazing, I bet they worked on that for HOURS. I love that you got a shot of Canon running through it, that is too funny!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday, Logan! Love that cake. The shot of the driveway is great, too! What a masterpiece!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Logan! That cake is amazing! Love the driveway art too! :)

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Logan! I love his cake. It looks delicious too.

I cannot get over the great artwork int he driveway. That is just beautiful.

Reds said...

Happy birthday Logan!!! What a gorgeous cake!!! Wow!!! Love the running shot!!

Chell said...

Happy Birthday to Logan. Looks like he had a great day, which is always a good thing. Fun captures of his big day!!

pat said...

Happy birthday to Logan! Love the cake--I am sure that was a huge hit! Can't wait to see more of Cannon, too!

Bobbi said...

Happy Birthday to both the boys! Logan is so cute and that last picture is hilarious.

Btw, my behind the scenes of the shots from today are really just setting up in front of a huge window, natural light. But I did order some lights today so maybe something more exciting to share in the future!

Erika said...

Wow I love love the cake! It looks amazing!

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