Friday, October 31

I hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween! Ours was perfect (for the kids). Lauren was a hunter, Lindsey a cat and Logan an army man. Big difference between hunting and army gear. LOL

Here's DH, he he he.

Look at this precious monkey!

Yes, Canon does cry, not often but when he does, can you resist?

Here's Andrew the cutest isty Bitsy spider.

They were lit by the taillights of the truck.


Becky said...

Happy Halloween! Looks like a fun time, and great costumes!

Sharon said...

What fun!

Jess said...

So fun! I'm glad you guys had a great night, LOVE the little monkey and spider! We missed out on TOT this year but that's ok... miss K is still too young to really remember and be mad about it, LOL! I plan to go all out next year to make up for it! (and NO pumpkin carving! ROFL!)

KRISTIE said...

looks like it was a fun time, now areen't you gald its over. oh wait its time to get ready for thanksgiving and christmas fast, oh no!

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