Wednesday, October 15

day 236

First sign of fall around here!


Reds said...

Love the new look of your blog!! And love the colours of Fall - beautiful red!!

Anonymous said...

Great shot! We are in full fall here and I am dying to get out and take if it would stop raining!

Jena Photography said...

Love the red. Great fall capture.

Mandy said...

What gorgeous red, bright color. Beautiful.

Mom2Drew said...

Love the red/green contrast.

Sharon said...

Great color!!

pat said...

Wow--gorgeous color!!

Angela2932 said...

Beautiful colors! I'm impressed with the intensity of that red! Our leaves just turned yellowish, and then brown.

Michelle said...

this is lovely! fall colors just make me feel so warm and cozy--definitely feeling that here. nice job.

Abby said...

Okay, this is going to sound like a crazy blog-stalking story. Well, I guess it is, but I just like to think that God weaves amazing webs. Follow me here....
*I was leaving a comment on Bring the Rain about my loss.
*I started reading the other comments and then linked to The Tale of Two Coins and saw that you commented, too.
*I liked your profile picture and noticed you were from TX, so I linked to you.
*THEN, I noticed that you are in Weatherford. We're in Fort Worth. Crazy small world, huh?!?!?
Okay, do you think I'm crazy?

Jackie's Shot said...

Beautiful color and I like how the branch curves around drawing you in. Jackie

jewels said...

Beautiful composition. I like how the lines draw you into the leaves, then back down through the stem! :)


Jess said...

This is gorgeous... I love how the lines of the stems lead my eye all around the photo. Do you get much fall color down in TX?

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