Sunday, September 28

Day 227

I met this sweet family yesterday at the Chandor Gardens.


Reds said...

Beatiful family!! Love that last shot!!

Anonymous said...

I adore that first fun. I also really like the last one!

Mom2Drew said...

the first one shows the sibling relationship so beautifully. I love peeking into families like this.

Amy said...

Great shots! I especially like the first and third ones.

Cindi Koceich said...

Oooh...where are the chandor gardens?
Love the ring around the rosie shot and the one of the little girl on the rock...great angle there!

Amy ~ Just Being Aimlyss said...

These are awesome, my favorite is the last one! I love it! :)

Becky said...

The last one is my fave too--love the composition!

Amanda said...

These are great...I love love love the last one. Its such a dynamic family portrait even though not everyone is looking at the camera.

Donnah C said...

What a fun selection of shots. I like the last one.

Bobbi said...

These are so cute! I so love that 3rd one it is such a great perspective.

Suzy said...

I like the one of the little girl sitting on those stones. Chandor Gardens looks like a beautiful location for a photo-session. You've done an amazing job with these!

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