Tuesday, September 23

Day 224

Can you make out my little friend? I shot this this morning and the sky was that color!

Seriously, I hate spiders!! They give me the creeps. But this one fascinates us. Every night as soon as it gets dark, he starts building his web. It's huge running about 3-4 feet wide. Every morning when the sun starts to come up, he starts taking it down. I don't know if he's eating it or recycling, but he goes back and forth until it's all gone, then he disappears until nighttime.


Cari said...

Holy cow on the color of the first one...wow! Great captures!

Jess said...

Spiders totally creep me out too, but WOW- these are amazing! I absolutely love that first silhouette... for some reason it reminds me of Charlotte's Web. Beautiful!

Sharon said...

Wow, I like a guy who can clean up after himself. Oh wait a minute, he must be a she. No guy would ever care how he leaves the party. ;)

Bobbi said...

Ewwie! I hate spiders too but these make for some great pictures. I love that sky color, so beautiful.

Donnah C said...

That is one big spider. The first shot is very Charlotte Webish.

Michelle said...

yeah, not a big fan here either but that is fascinating behavior. I would be checking him out too. great shots of him.

Becky said...

You are kind not to give Charlotte there a squish. :-) Beautiful skies.

summerbl4ck said...

wow great capture. ick but wow. incredible color in that sky.

Margaret said...

Love the sky. Your friend is creepy, but amazing at the same time!

Amanda said...

CREAPY! Spiders give me the willies but I still think they are amazing. Your sky is so perfect and vibrant in the first two photos. Gorgeous...despite the crawly thing. Haha.

Gypsy Girl said...

Uhhhh I hate spiders to but they are very facinating to watch. I had one on my computer monitor I let stay there just to watch it make its web.

Suzy said...

Perhaps he's a "smart spider" who is hiding himself and web from the humans. Gotta watch out for those humans you know...

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