Tuesday, September 2

Day 211

We went camping this weekend and I had a ton of fun with my fisheye lens. I figured I have taken so many pictures camping, this trip will be all a little skewed.


Reds said...

Love your fishy pics!! ain't it fun!! I love mine so much!! I especially love the last ones of the swing!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you were having way too much fun! Nice shots!

Cindi Koceich said...

Super fun! That's a perfect lens choice for the tire swing...adds to the fun!!

Jess said...

I never get tired of the fishy perspective! Those swing shots are SO MUCH FUN!

KRISTIE said...

these are not helping me . . . i have been trying not to want a fish eye :)

Becky said...

You all are making me want a fisheye again. That first one is especially fishtastic!

Margaret said...

Love all of these, especially the last one!

--sme said...

There's something fishy here....great shots!

Emily Weaver Brown said...

I love # 2 the perspective is really cool.

Mom2Drew said...

YES!!!! Loving it nicole!

Amy said...

AWESOME fisheye shots!

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