Wednesday, August 20

Day 206

Still going through wedding pics. This will take a while! LOL. Here's a few more. Just a few answers to questions. We were in a huge rush. It was a Catholic church and they were starting mass literally 30 minutes after the ceromony. Then we had to rush to the reception. Our choices for group shots was very limited. I know there are houses and stuff in the backgrounds, should I clone them out?

This was the groom as he saw Aimee

Yes, they are very fun and loving couple. It was a sweet ceromony.

These were the brides shoes she wore to the church.

I know my focus fell on her dress, but I loved her expression.


Joanne said...

SO FUN! I had to go back and look through the previous post for more wedding pics! GREAT job!

Reds said...

I love these!!! Especially the last two!! The ones were the girls are all jumping - love it!!

Cari said...

these are great!!! I LOVE those shoes...that is awesome!

Jess said...

Wow girl! You really rocked it! I ADORE that shot of the bridesmaids jumping- that is AWESOME!

--sme said...

These all turned out wonderfully, each as good as the next. They are going to be THRILLED with their wedding album!

pat said...

What FUN shots! I think she is going to be beyond pleased. Nice work!!

Kristina said...

You did a grat job. I love that one of the party jumping behind the bride!

Becky said...

These are wonderful, Nicole! Love those flip flops. I don't see any houses in the background of the outdoor shot?

Amy said...

Love the one of the bride with the bridesmaids jumping! Cool shots!

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