Sunday, August 17

Day 203

I am so very tired! I did a family friends wedding yesterday and I was on my feet for 12 hours! It was fun, stressful and exciting. But I am kinda paying for it today, or, er, my kids are. Not. Nice. Mommy. I guess it's the end of summer, being tired and sore and having so many pictures to go through, I'm a little grumpy. All I want to do is curl up and edit. But three little munchins are demanding my attention. After the 14th "I'm bored." I kinda blew up. You know the not pretty blow up. I made them clean the garage and load up all the recycling. We had a very quiet ride down to the recycler. Then I gave a very stren lecture about being bored and what we were going to do to change that. We went to the library. So now I have not so bored kids, freashly scrubbed, with clean pj's on reading in bed. Much better. I had over 1500 pictures to go through. I quickly weeded through them and I'm down to 942. Oh my gosh, that's alot! Slowly I'll get through these. Here's some of my faves so far though.

This little flower girl was precious. She walked down with the other flower girl, then she skipped back to the back again and started over just as they opened the doors for the bride. She was giggling and skipping the whole way down.


Amy said...

That one of the flower girl with the bride in the background is REALLY good! I love that last one too. Can't wait to see more!

Reds said...

Love the bubble shots!! And that flowergirl is too cute!! Can't wait to see more too!! :)

Angela2932 said...

These are beautiful! I love your coloring or processing in the photos, and the lighting in the first one. The bubble photo is fantastic! And the one with the bride's veil being fixed has a wonderful perspective in the mirror with the other bridesmaids in the background. Show us more! And your "bored" children was a nice trip down memory lane for me! Somehow,my kids learned quickly that "bored" was no emergency, although I was never as successful as you in turning it into getting work accomplished! That's just masterful!

Heather Taylor Photography said...

What great shots! I especially love the one with the couple coming out and the bubbles- your colors are so pretty and vibrant!

Shanna Jones said...

Good job! Love that last one!

Suzy said...

Sounds like it took it all out of you, but my goodness you did a great job!

Becky said...

Nice job, Nicole! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has psycho-mommy moments. ;-)

Amy said...

Great shots, Nicole! Sound like a long, tiring day and I can totally relate to not acting pretty when exhausted. Good for you for getting them on the right track.

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