Monday, August 4

Day 195

This week is a very big week in our house. My daughters turn 10 on Wednesday. Double. Digits. Scary. Wow. I'm feeling pretty nostalgic about them right now. It's going to be a crazy week, but fun. For the first year, the girls decided to do separate parties. So I'm going to be hijacking the POTD posts to post about the girls. Can't help it, sorry! Today is Lauren. Appologizing in advanced for picture overload. More of our recent shoot at the end.

Lauren Christine, my first born. She was the bigger twin by nearly 2 pounds. She only weighed 5 lbs. 15 ounces, but was huge compared to Lindsey. And yes, she had a TON of hair.

In this picture they were 5 months old. This was right after her first hair cut!

Lauren you are one in a million. You are so smart and a born leader. I can't wait to see where you are going to go in life. But for now, stay young darling, be 10. Don't grow up any faster!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that second photo and that birthday party theme is the best...what a great and wonderful idea!

Anita said...

Oh happy happy birthday!!

Mom2Drew said...

Wow...look at how your photography has morphed;)

I LOOOOVE #2, perfect texture.

10 was hard for my parents too as I'm sure it'll be for us as well.

Amy said...

She's just precious! Love that invitation!

Bobbi said...

She is so cute! Oh gosh 10 seems so far away but gets here so quick. Happy early bday to Lauren!

Jess said...

Oh yeah... 10 is a biggie! That's how old Devin was on his bday. I bawled. ;) I love that they are having seperate parties this year... they are growing up too fast! Sigh.

I can't wait to see pics from this ballgame party- that sounds like a BLAST!

Angela~Kclmomof4 said...

Oh Wow, I love the invite! and Gosh, why do they grow up so fast? sigh....

Becky said...

She's so beautiful. I love how that shirt brings out her blue eyes. And love the stroll down memory lane too! My oldest has a birthday this week too; he'll be 15 on Thursday. We're giving him driver's ed lessons--eek!

Amanda said...

Oh wow! Happy birthday Lauren! She is so beautiful. I do not blame you one bit for taking up the POTD with them. I love, love, LOVE the the second photo...moody yet very fun.

I love the name Lauren so much!

pat said...

Man, her eyes are SOOO blue! Tha shot of her sitting in the corner is an absolute stitch.

Angela2932 said...

Happy Birthday! Nice progression of your photography skills, too!

Amy said...

Your recent pics are terrific! Love that b&w shot. And Happy Birthday to your 10 year olds! Do you feel old yourself now?

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