Tuesday, July 8

Day 178

See the difference in the shutter speed here.   

Lauren got her top braces off yesterday, doesn't she look great!

We went to a new park in town today. It was awesome! They had a splash park and really new and different playground equipment. We met up with the other cousins.


Anita said...

Such fun pictures!! Your DD looks great with her braces off! Congrats to her!

Anonymous said...

That looks like and awesome place...my kids would love it...you have some awesome shots here...and the color ROCKS!

Reds said...

What a fun fun park!! Lauren looks great - what a beautiful smile!! Wish I had a park like that near home - it's hot and humid here!! ;)

Jess said...

That park looks AWESOME! I wish we had stuff like that around here- today would have been a great day for it! Lauren's teeth look GREAT! I remember braces removal day- that was THE best day of my 9th grade year! :)

Joanne said...

Fun! I love the water parks!

April said...

oh my gosh..it looks like such fun. great shots. i like the picture showing the different shutter speeds!!

Mom2Aliyah said...

I love how you showed the difference in shutter speed. That park looks like SO much fun! I wish we had something like that around here.

ScrappinMom69 said...

Love these pics! Looks like a great summer afternoon, and a fun place!

pat said...

What a great park! Love that jump shot--nice action capture.

Mom2Drew said...

That composition in #3 is so interesting...I love it! What a great time all are having.

Sandra Collins said...

looks like so much fun - I especially love that last shot

Gypsy Girl said...

Fun shots. What an awesome park. I bet your dd is so excited about having the braces off.

Anonymous said...

What a fun looking place! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Angela2932 said...

Such fun! I love the demonstration of the different shutter speeds.

Tori said...

looks like such a fun place... and they look like they were having a blast!

Sharon said...

What a fun place!

Yay for Lauren's beautiful smile!

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