Saturday, July 5

Day 176

I was really busy in the kitchen for most of the night, so I decided to let Lindsey and Grayson take my old camera and take their own photos of the evening. They took about 180!!! Here are some of my faves from their captures.

As Grayson was taking this one,

I took this of her. I love how she got steady and planted her foot a head of herself everytime.


Alexis said...

These are all so fun, but that last one is too cute! It's such a great capture!

Amy said...

What fun and I just love how Grayson steadied herself to take the shots! Both she and Lindsey did great!

April said...

those are great pictures..i love that last cute!

Jenn said...

The last one is so cute - looks like she's a natural-born photographer! I bet she has a great teacher! ;)

Jeanette said...

LOL those are great! Love the second and last one.

Reds said...

The did great!! Love all those random shots!! And that last one is too cute!

Sandra Collins said...

they did an awesome job - it is so neat seeing the kids perspective

Angela2932 said...

They got some wonderful facial expressions! I think they got some amused and tender (and silly) looks that most likely, only THEY could get!

Tori said...

fun shots! It's always cool to see shots from the kids perspective.

Gypsy Girl said...

Congrats on the championship win. They did a really good job getting all these.

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