Thursday, June 12

Day 160

Once a week while I'm keeping all the kids, I promised a special treat. Since the boys were in basketball camp, guess what the girls picked. Nails. Good for me, I got a quick pedi in also!

Even Canon got in on the action
Just kidding

And the finished product! Beeeeutiful.

Once the boys got home from camp it's straight to the Xbox. We got the Lego Indiana Jones and let me tell you, it's an obsession, very fun. I staid up late last night playing BY MY SELF!!!! I don't let me kids watch a lot of TV or play video games all day. But this along with the Lego Star Wars has a certain quality that you just can't help but let them play. It's problem solving, team work, you name it.


Anonymous said...

Haili and I go get pedis every once in awhile...she loves it and I love to spend the time with her. I will have to take my camera next time! Thanks for the inspiration!

Tricia said...

My girls and I go get pedi's every wk. I never thought to take my camera.

--sme said...

What a fun girls night out!

Trina said...

Looks like you girls had fun! Love the shot with all your pretty toes.

Kristen Wagner Penn said...

How fun! Your toes all look so pretty! I love the baby chub legs too!!

Reds said...

Such a fun thing to do with your daughters! Love the pedicure!

Chell said...

Oh how fun. Love that you took pictures of the nail outing

Mom2Drew said...

I need a pedi sooooo bad! Love yours, turned out great and what fun to do with the girls. Oh, and then that xbox game too...perfect for the boys. I really want a Wii.

Jess said...

Wow, what a fun day with the girls! All the toes look GORGEOUS! I haven't bought Lego Star Wars of Indiana Jones yet for my boys, but I bet they would love it!

Amanda said...

I really want to go to the spa and now you have made it worse! Haha. What fun pics.

jewels said...

How fun! We love our pedis here too! Which reminds me, I need to go! :)


Amy said...

Love the shot of the baby's legs and feet! LOL!

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