Monday, May 26

Day 143, 144, 145

We had a great weekend camping at the lake. It started off crazy. We had field day at school on Friday so I was up there with the kids. Logan's eyes nearly swelled shut he apparently had horrible allergies for the first time. Then Lauren came to me and said she didn't feel that great. I ended up taking her in and she had strep throat AGAIN. Now I think that Lindsey has it again. I'm going to talk to the doc about putting them on another treatment plan or something. this will be 5x for Lindsey this year and 4x for Lauren. Lindsey doesn't even have her tonsils.

Back to the weekend. We started off with the normal group. We had invited some of DH's childhood friends. So we had 2 other families come. On Sunday we had tons of various friends and family members show up. Lots of fun for everyone. We had our boat going with one inner tube and another boat going with the "best tube ever" (according to Logan). Dad got trumped and is going to be heading out to get the "best tube ever". Sorry for the overload of photos, I just had to share.
These are the dare devils of the group, as fast as possible and their goal is to be thrown off. Caleb, Cole and Logan.
These are my kids, and believe it or not, they were having the time of their lives.
Except that right after, Lauren fell off and Lindsey was about to and she's terrified of Lake water. Plus her little legs were a little sunburned and it kinda hurt. Poor thing.
My two favorite guys, oh I just love looking at them!

This is my SIL, Misti, better known as Canon's Mom, she had a little visitor on her head, can you see him?

This is Lindsey and Grayson, quite a difference in opinions of how fast to go.


Chell said...

These are all great shots, but I have to tell you I love that second one.

Sara said...

What a fun series of pictures! Makes we wish for summer here. Your pics are so vivid and sharp- nice captures of action!

Michelle said...

these are so FUN! what a blast the kids must have had. and your colors are so bright and clear. very nice work!!

Diana said...

oh that looks like lots of semi scary fun! wish i was there

Christine said...

These are all so great! Brought a smile to my face! My favs are the first 2 and the last one. Great ACTION shots!!

Reds said...

Wow! Love your action shots! Those are great!! Looks like so much fun!

Amanda said...

I think I want to spend a weekend with your family. These action shots are UNREAL, girl. Very awesome.

Jen said...

OMG! These jost scream FUN! Nice shots!!

Mom2Drew said...

Your action shots are terrific here! Did you use flash at all, your subjects are so nicely lit in the water shots. the water acted as a nice reflector. It really makes me want to do that and I'm not much a water person...that says a lot!

Becky said...

What great action shots on those tubing ones! That couldn't have been easy with the boat moving and trying to watch out for your camera. And what is that little guy on Misti's hat? A hamster?

pat said...

GREAT shots! What a fun day!! You did an awesome job catching their expressions and all that fast action, and shooting in the sun and reflections. Nice work.

mel said...

looks like they were having a blast! great photos!

Margaret said...

Those action shots on the tube are absolutely incredible. Great focus and color! Wow! Sorry about the strep throat and allergies you guys are dealing with. No fun!

Bobbi said...

Wow Nicole! Thise are some amazing action shots, so crisp and clear. I need to take some notes.

Scrapper88 said...

Great action shots, you captured some neat moments!! Looks liek you all had fun!

BizEMommaK said...

These pictures are SO FUN! It looks like everyone had a great time:)

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