Friday, May 9

Day 127

today the girls had a mother's day program at school. They have been practicing for months and I kept hearing about how I was going to cry. I think they put too much pressure one me cause although it was extremely sweet, I couldn't produce one tear! I tried.

Lauren took this one of Lindsey and I.

Lindsey took this one of Lauren and I.


Becky said...

It's great to see you with your beautiful girls! Looks like your eye is all healed up too, you cutie!

Tracy said...

Hi Nicole! Thought I would check out your blog and I'm glad I did! I love all your photographs and only wish you lived near me so I could take advantage of your talent. What a gift! Love the pics of your and your girls. They sure are growing up fast and so beautiful and Logan...what a heartbreaker he is going to be! lol blog is :)

mel said...

so fun! great pics of you and the girls!

Amanda said...

Its so nice to have one of you and the girls together. Really wonderful.

pakosta said...

beautiful daughters you have there! that's funny that they thought you would cry and you held strong LOL!
my girls say that to tease me toO!

pat said...

How fun to see you AND the girls!!

pat said...

How fun to see you AND the girls!!

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