Tuesday, April 8

Day 98

I just want to say to everyone who comments or just stops by. Thank you. It brightens my day to see that someone cares enough to look at my blog. I've learned so much by doing this project and I like to think that I'm improving a little. I definately think more about my photos and all day I wonder what my POTD will be. Sometimes I know exactly but other days I have to search for something. Thank you espically to the Peas who leave comments, I try and take what you have said and do thing differently to improve. Yes, Tara (pakosta) you were the Pea who inspired me to take a bike ride after dinner. It's funny how sometimes you guys will pop into my head. I thought of you jason when my son was climbing a rock wall at a playground. I thought of all of you when I saw the skateboard park. I think of Jess everytime I use one of her actions in PSE that she so gratefully makes. I could go on and on. But anyway it's getting too long...
I found this flower growing along the side of the road in my neighborhood. I thought it was nice.
Canon was sitting in the bumbo chair and playing and I realized that he was in natural light.
I thought this was hilarious

In case you were wondering, my check did bruise up. I look pretty funny.


Angela2932 said...

Ouch! And I bet everyone is the world is looking at your poor dh suspiciously! I love your first and second shots. Beautiful iris! I really like the coloring in the first photo of your little boy. He's adorable!

Amy said...

That first shot is just gorgeous, I love the vibrant purple and greens! The first shot of Canon is beautiful, he's a cutie and the second one of him is too cute! Your eye looks miserable, I hope it doesn't hurt too badly!

Stacey said...

The shots of the baby are so darn cute. His cheeks are just so pudgy and kissable. Your poor eye! I have to say it makes you look tough:)

Donnah C said...

The clarity in your first shot is great - Irises are my favourites. I hope you eye heals soon - ouch.

Amanda said...

I love Irises so much. Amazing shot.

I am so glad that you are healing up well. OUCH. Canon just looks like a little man in that second shot. Haha.

Reds said...

Ouch! Glad your bruise is fading! Canon is too cute! Love those cheeks and great shots in natural light!!

Bobbi said...

That flower is so pretty, love the colors. Canon is so adorable, I could just squeeze his cheeks!

Becky said...

Your iris shot is stunning! And you're sporting the same colors under your eye, aren't you? Hope it doesn't hurt too much anymore. And Canon is a cutie as always. Hope your day today is better than last night. Hugs to you.

Jen said...

That 1st shot is just beautiful! I love all the colors going on!

Jess said...

That flower is stunning! And Canon is just too stinkin cute... I just wanna squeeze his chubby little cheeks! Your poor cheek... thankfully it will be all gone in a few days it looks like!

pakosta said...

ouch your poor eye!
cute shot of baby in the bumbo!!! what a cutie pie!

Tori said...

love the colors in the first shot. and what a cute little boy! that bruise on your eye looks like it hurts.... hope it gets better soon!

Mom2Drew said...

that's a bruise alright, ouch!

LOVE the bumbo and Canon sure looks cute sitting up.

Margaret said...

Love the color and composition of that first flower shot. Just beautiful. Canon is absolutely as cute as can be. Wow! Sorry about your bruise! Ouch!

Debbi said...

wow - you really took a hit, didn't you? Great shots in the natural light!

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